My Girls

I don't know why I hadn't noticed them before...the barns that is. I had been on the lookout for a great barn to do some photos and the other night there they were. I have run the same route many times before but the other day I saw them and it was as if they were just recently dropped there! It took a little convincing, but three showers, hair blow drys, and outfits later my girls agreed to a photoshoot with me. Unfortunately by the time we were ready the sun was in full force, but thankfully a few clouds allowed for intermittent periods of cover. I will definately head back here! Avery even captured a few of me (seen on facebook), but as I prefer to stay behind the lens that is where they will stay.

Baby J

The beautiful little angel you see on my header is a co-workers niece that I had the pleasure of photographing. She was the littlest one yet but at almost 2 weeks old she wasn't too interested in sleeping much. We did manage to get her eyes closed for a short period in the 3hrs of shooting. My ultimate favorite is the one you have already seen, but here are a few more. Thanks to mom and dad, auntie, uncle and cousin Ethan for letting me capture your precious little one. I look forward to seeing her again.


I had the priviledge of photographing this little cutie when he was just a couple of weeks old. A couple of weeks ago he brought his new baby cousin over for photos and I happen to catch a few of him as well. Ethan has the biggest brown eyes and is sporting two new teeth.

Mark and Tina Feb 14th 2009

Here is just a sample of photos of this beautiful couple.

Photos to Come

Not sure why blogger won't upload my pictures. Keep checking, they will be here soon!

Mark and Tina

Last fall when my friend Tina approached me about photographing her Valentine's day wedding I was flattered but also very unsure. I wavered and even gracefully declined but after many urgings from Tina that it would be OK, I finally agreed. I am so glad I did. There is nothing like photographing your first wedding. Every thing I read discouraged me from even entertaining the thought of doing it. This motivated me even more to dive in head first, research and learn. The day couldn't have been more perfect. After many prayers for warmth (meaning above 0), no snow or rain, or blasting sun to reflect off the bright white snow, everything turned out great. Here are just a few from the day, some already viewed on facebook, but some new ones not previously seen.

Introducing Heidi McKelvey Photography

Some of you may know that over the last several months I have taken my interest in photography to the next level. Many hours have been spent researching photo sites, dabbling in photoshop and getting a feel for just what I want this to become. I have received tips and tricks from experienced photographers who have been generous enough to share, remembering what it was like to be "getting their feet wet". I have had the opportunity to photograph the miracle of newborn babies, the wonders of children, and even dove head first into a full on church wedding probably with the most challenging of lighting conditions one could find. I have enjoyed the challenge, and as with most things worth persuing there is the never ending learning curve. I look forward to this next chapter in my life and hope you will enjoy what you see here.