Cheeky Monkey

I just love the cheeks on this little man. His mom Jen, a fellow photographer and I did a quick photo exchange last week mostly so we could each get a new facebook profile pic. Lucky for me I was awarded the opportunity to photograph this cutie again. I have to say, being in front of the camera is definately not my comfort zone but thanks to Jen I actually have a few photos of myself that I really like. I am so excited for our spring family photo shoot. Check out her fantastic photos on her blog Thanks Jen, next time I will be way more relaxed!!

Baby "E" and big brother "C"

I was very excited when I heard this little one finally made her debut knowing I would be doing this shoot. Her mom is a friend of mine and I was very privileged to be at her older brother's birth just over three years ago. Sad for me that I missed hers. Having been in their beautiful home in the past I knew the lighting would be amazing.( I think they should rent out the space to me for a studio!!!) Sweet baby "E" cooperated and gave me some great sleeping shots. She looks so peaceful. Big brother "C" is all boy, and had a few minutes for me and quick snuggles for his sister. I tried to push the envelope and get some just of him but when I asked he ran away saying "no thank you!!" Thank you Heather for allowing me into your very busy, tiring time of adjustment with your beautiful family. Enjoy.