Mama to Be: part 2

I must have been half asleep when I posted yesterday as there were a few photos I really wanted to share but realized earlier today I had forgotten them. One in particular is my favourite. For you Erin! Don't be afraid to leave a little love! Let me know your favourite!!

Mama to Be

There is just something extra special about the impending arrival of your first child. For some the anticipation is even longer awaited. I was very excited to venture out with Erin and Daryl today for my very first maternity shoot. As a maternity nurse, bellies and babies are very familiar to me, but this belly is extra special, a true awaited miracle. I feel very privileged to be the one to capture these special memories for you. I had a great time experimenting, and you both made my job very easy. Here are just a few of the hundreds from today. Enjoy! I am looking forward to meeting this special little person in the next few weeks and having him/her debut here!

Just One More!

I couldn't resist and had to post one more. I am getting nothing done today! ( I mean nothing like housework.) I still have a previous shoot to finish editing but just can't keep away from today's files!! I mean, how cute is he!

I Heart Faces-Week 8 "Hands on Fun"

The photo challenge this week is all about hands. Big hands, little hands, baby hands, old hands. I chose to go with baby hands. There is something special about how a newborn grasps onto anything that comes close to their palm. An inborn reflex. This little boy is already wrapped around his mommy's finger.

Baby Micah

I had the sweetest, sleepiest little bundle of boy here for his newborn shoot today. He is the third little boy for this family who just happens to live right next door to us. Born just 11 days ago, I was lucky enough to see him just hours after he made his arrival three weeks early. Having only girls it is so much fun to have a baby boy around. I have had a few boy shoots lately and find they are so much more laid back than girls. Must be because they make up for the busyness in the toddler years. Thank you so much Chris for lending him to me this morning. I am so happy with the way these have turned out. My new 7D rocks!!! Enjoy!!

Baby "H" and family sneak peak

Thank you so much Sue for inviting me back a third time to capture these images of your beautiful extended family. You make my job so easy. This was my first go around with a "non sitting" baby that wasn't a newborn, but this red headed beauty made it easy. She did very well considering all the people around trying to coax the smiles out of her. You would never guess that the these girls were uncomfortable in front of my lens. I know very well how hard it is to be "natural" when you have a camera in your face but you girls pulled it off. Here is a few of your photos to give you a teaser. More to come soon. Enjoy!!

We Heart Kisses-photo challenge

There is nothing sweeter than kissing the soft little cheeks of your newborn baby. The love between mother and child is like no other.

My Monkeys

If you would have told me years ago that I would be a mom of three beautiful girl's I would have said "no way". I mean, all I wanted in the world was to have one daughter and God saw it fit to give me three. I am blessed! I have often been asked if I would consider trying for a boy, and the answer is and has always been no. Not to say that having only girls is without challenges. You can be certain that there have and will be many to come. Every so often people cringe when I mention the fact I have three girls, commenting on the teen years and wishing me luck. I am up for the challenge (I think). I see different pieces of me in all of them, despite the fact only one resembles me in looks. My oldest is almost 11 and very much a tween. Wow kids grow up fast these days. She is a sweet girl, helpful and loving. I am seeing glimpses of the teen years and I feel bad for her that she is and always will be the guinea pig as I test out my parenting skills. She is my shopping buddy and loves the mall as much as I do. Her sisters on the other hand care less if they ever see the inside of a store. It is our bond and I love it. My middle girl is almost nine and pretty much the polar opposite of her older sister. She is confident, spiritual, athletic, and liked by all her peers. She commented a few weeks ago that the boys like her, "everyone likes me", as if this is a curse. This quick photoshoot was actually prompted by her after looking at all the photos I take of the youngest (who happens to be home with me during the day while the other two are at school). My third is so not a baby. She has been showcased here alot so as you notice there isn't a photo of her alone today. She actually had no desire to "model" today. I love these girls with all my heart. They continually teach me patience, and unconditional love, and make me want to strive to be better mom. I can't imagine my life any different!

Love this face!

These last couple of weeks have been busy here. Planning and moving forward with my photography on the business side of things. Business cards being worked on, decisions with what to do with this blog (because I want to be able to post larger, better quality images), not to mention a few shifts at my real job. I am excited to see what this year will bring. I am trying to sell my existing camera in hopes of a great upgrade. Any takers?? So my head has been swimming with ideas but I couldn't forget the opportunity to catch this brief moment in time of Brooklyn, my sweet baby girl, sporting a large gap where her two baby teeth used to reside. A couple of weeks ago I posted her one hole gap but this last week Brooklyn decided that the other front tooth was loose enough (and bothersome enough) to let me pull it out. These aren't complete toothless grin pictures as the new big teeth are coming in at great speed. I always thought this stage was a little goofy, but I can't imagine her being any different. I am going to miss this!! I sure love this face and the lovey little girl it belongs to!!!

Trying this trial version

I found this trial version of MCP's blog it boards on their website today and thought I would give it a try. I could spend a fortune on all of the great actions I find and what fun I would have with them. Maybe I should just figure out how to make my own actions!! check out all of the great stuff on this website!