Out in the Orchard

The long wait for my new lens is over and I am so thrilled to finally have it. Things have been a little slower in the past few weeks so I have had time to take out my girls and take some sweet shots. Although my oldest decided she didn't want to partake in the shoots, I had a very willing model in my best friend's middle daughter, who happens to be best friends with my middle daughter. The relationship they share is very special as they have been friends since the time they were born. Rachel is so like my firstborn it is surprising they actually share no DNA. I did have to "pay" Brooklyn and was pleasantly surprised that she even agreed to a wardrobe change mid shoot. When we were done and at home again she reminded me about the money agreement...."mom, where are my nickels?". I am so pleased with the results. I am taking an old school friend out this weekend with her two kids so stay tuned for the results.