Linnette, J, and J

Finally after at least 6weeks and two postponements I was finally able to coordinate an evening to shoot this wonderful family. Between work schedules, kids sports, and weather, things came together. All day I watched the weather as a thunderstorm was in the forecast. As I drove to Penticton it poured, but the sun came out, casting beautiful light for a great evening of photos. I was a little nervous I must say, having very little experience photographing teenage boys, but this handsome guy put me at ease and was a natural in front of the lens. The love he shows for his sister was so neat to see, as was the bond between them. Being a sporty family, the graffitti basketball court was very appropriate, and the kids had fun goofing around. The shoot ended in Summerland, with the sun just setting. Thanks guys for being such great sports. Here is a sneak peak for you.


jen sander said...

love the 4rth one...i know those kids!!! great choice of the graff's soo them!!