Sweet Baby "E"

I just completed this photo shoot about an hour ago and just couldn't wait to edit a few of these photos and get them up here for the family to see. I have to say again, six month olds have got to be my absolute favorite to photography. Newborns are cute and squishy but there is something to be said for a subject with a developed personality. This age usually is fairly easy going. They haven't developed anxiety towards strangers and if they had been fussy newborns, this has usually passed. What is left is a bright eyed, smiley little person who usually shines in front of the lens. I have been excited to photograph this beautiful long lashed baby for sometime now and am glad that today finally worked out. I was not disappointed and the wait was definately worth it! Baby "E" was smiley and happy for a good hour and I am very thrilled with the results. Thanks mom for letting me capture these for you. Here is your sneak peak. Enjoy!


Montana said...

Heidi those are beautiful! I have to direct the grandmothers to your blog....they will be thrilled!

Tianna said...

These are soooo cute!