Those of you who know me know that this is my youngest of three girls. (And if you don't know me thanks for stopping by and please leave your mark!!) Brooklyn is 5 and very much a blend of her sisters. I often look at her and have to remind myself that she is just 5. She is smart, funny, and very particular about certain things. For instance this toque that her grandma bought her for Christmas. I don't think I will get her in it this winter but if she thinks about it and gets used to the idea of wearing it, she just may want to wear it next year! I love her to death and am cherishing the days we have just the two of us. Full time school starts for her next fall, and I have decided not to think about it! For now I can enjoy playing pet shops and polly's, doing puzzles, and bribing her for the occasional photo op. The motivation for this shoot was the fact that Brooklyn has been missing one front tooth for at least 2 months now, and the next one is about to fall out. Just had to get this cute toothless stage captured!