This beautiful girl you see here is my firstborn. Almost eleven yet in many ways seems so much older. Why do kids grow up so fast these days? She is mature far beyond her years and I am loving watching her grow. As a preschooler/younger child I always characterized Delaney as "high maintenance". There were frequent meltdowns over things that I just didn't understand but now I am seeing those personality traits in a new light. With maturity has come redefinition. The need for everything to be a particular way has been harnessed into extreme organization and neatness and being on time to her means being 10 min early. I am continually amazed by the way she keeps her room clean and actually offers to help out the family. I love this girl! Delaney and I are connecting now on a different level. I actually "get" her. I always thought we were so very different but as the years go on I see how very similar we actually are. When we decided today to venture out and check out some locations for a shoot I have coming up this week Delaney took it upon herself to get dressed in order to have her photo taken. This is so very rare I just had to take advantage of it. So here she is, my beautiful baby girl, getting way to grown up.


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