Porter Family :: Sneak Peek

I have been so excited anticipating todays shoot with a beautiful family and a super location, that just happens to be their backyard! I definitely will be using this place in the future, providing I can convince clients that the drive is worth it.  The kids did a great job and were very patient with me and some of my ideas. Not one complaint!!  I was very surprised to have it be a family shoot and not just the kids. Thanks Lisa for inviting me to capture these for you. You have great kids. Since I couldn't help myself this sneak is bigger than I had planned. Enjoy! I have many more that I can't wait to show you!


Lisa said...

I know now that you can tell how many times I have been on your blog today....I am just going to tell you that it will be about 100 because I just love looking at them!! I am glad we convinced Kelly we don't get many opportunities to all be together like that and then have a photo taken. I love both of the one's of Haley...can you say Album Cover!!!! And my blue eyed boy, we sometimes have trouble getting him to smile but his photos turned out great. And little Miss Coco beaner...of all the crazy faces she made the one on the bridge is just perfectly her. Thanks again Heidi.

Erin L said...

Beautiful family and beautiful pictures!

michele dyson said...

These are great heidi....beautiful kiddos and their home is gorgeous!!!!!