My Girl and her BFF

Since the long weekend in May I have driven by this location several times, each time wishing that I had brought along my camera and girls willing to be photographed. I just recently came across a local photog who actually did just that which again sparked my desire to make the short trek north and shoot here. This blond beauty is my eldest daughter, who in just a few short weeks will have completed her elementary years. It has yet to sink in that I will soon be a mom of a middle schooler. She was excited to wear her new dress (the one for her grade 5 grad) and when I picked her up from school today she asked if her bff could come too. These two girls have known each other from birth (her mom and I work together) and we happen to live only a few doors away. They are very much alike; smart, shy, and both love to dance. They rely on each other and are definitely BFF's. Here are a few from our day. I really should have been here weeks ago as with all the rain these beautiful lavender flowers are now about 5 feet tall! So despite forgetting my reflector, and having the harshest, brightest sun to deal with I am actually happy with how they turned out.  Avery got in on the action too and wanted to make sure I showcased one of her! Enjoy!
                                        My girl